In both our personal and professional lives, it is advisable to surround ourselves with allies and like-minded people in order to face the challenges of an increasingly complex world together.

Unforgettable Group, Berlin

In addition to partnerships in the healthcare industry, Unic Medical Search cooperates with the Unforgettable Group from Berlin.

Unique and Unforgettable, that fits not only by name, but also by philosophy. The colleagues from Berlin are recognized experts in executive search and communication, and play in the top league of their respective fields.

Cooperations do not only emerge in the case of particularly complex search projects; exciting and beneficial services are also created.

For example, both companies jointly offer workshops and training courses in crisis management and crisis communication for hospitals.

The current pandemic has put the healthcare sector at the center of social interest.

We are firmly convinced that the sector will remain in the public spotlight even after the pandemic and will thus also present new challenges for hospital management.

Public relations in the sense of effective marketing measures and target-oriented, active communication will become much more important for the traditionally rather reserved healthcare industry.

In this context, Unic Medical Search not only connects the best in the industry, but together with communication professionals also supports you in your external presentation.

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