Are you a manager or specialist in the healthcare sector? Could you envision taking the next step in your career by changing jobs? Then Unic Medical Search is your first port of call in the German-speaking region.

The combination of industry knowledge, network and empathy makes us – from a candidate perspective – THE career advisor in healthcare.

A career change can only be considered a success if it is perceived as a godsend by both employee and employer.

This means: Only if you experience your change as exactly the right step in your career path, then we have done our job well at Unic Medical Search. And only then will the employer also perceive the appointment as a real stroke of luck.

In order to achieve such a constellation, many good conversations are necessary in advance.

In-depth discussions in which things also become personal, because you as a person with all your abilities, wishes and development goals are the focus. Conversations in which we talk to each other honestly, confidentially and transparently.

Especially important: With Stephan Judick (more information about him here) you have an interlocutor at eye level. Stephan Judick not only has almost 40 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry – including many years as sole director and spokesman for the board of directors of large hospitals – he is also a career consultant and certified coach for emotional intelligence and, upon request, will conduct the NEO PI-R personality test, which is highly regarded in psychology, with you. In addition, we offer you a test for Emotional Intelligence. These are unique offers in our industry.

This means that you not only have an excellent contact for everything technical (equipment, training opportunities, competitive situation, etc.), but also an empathetic sparring partner for the human factor. With us, you will get well-founded answers to the following questions (and many more):

  • What kind of supervisor do I get?
  • What is the working atmosphere like?
  • Are there any special circumstances I need to pay particular attention to?
  • Does my personality fit in with the new environment?
  • Where do potential stumbling blocks lurk?
  • What qualities and strategies can I use to master the challenges in my new position?

If you finally decide to change jobs, we will stay by your side:

If you wish, we will accompany you during the contract negotiations. Together with you, we make sure that an agreed upon familiarization concept is actually applied. We accompany and support you during the entire probationary period so that your new career step becomes a complete success.

Should we get to know each other?

Absolutely. We look forward to accompanying you on your next career step!

Get in touch with us

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