Branches and Sectors

Within Healthcare Services, our search and networking focus is on three areas: Hospitals and Rehab Clinics, Healthcare Startups and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics

It is no small challenge to manage well while maintaining high medical quality standards at the same time. This requires management personnel from the fields of medicine, nursing and economics who are not only professionally excellent, but can also think entrepreneurially and lead teams. In particular, we are staffing: Chief physicians, senior physicians and other leading functions.

Young growing companies are driving digitization and innovation in the industry. These companies want to grow quickly, but at the same time encounter a highly regulated environment in which the desired pace is not infrequently thwarted by bureaucratic hurdles. Here, finding the right people who can bridge the “old” and “new” worlds is critical. Healthcare managers are needed who know the industry, bring networks with them, and fit the agile culture and mentality of high-growth start-ups. In particular, we are staffing: Physician employees and executive functions up to the CEO level

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Healthcare Startups

We are filling positions in

Pharmaceuticals + Research

Increasing competition, price pressure, faster innovation cycles: the pharmaceutical industry is under enormous pressure to adapt. The use of new technologies and the adaptation of the business model are on the agenda almost everywhere in the industry. This requires the right executives in management, sales or development who can not only analyze future-proof development scenarios, but also successfully realize and implement them. We fill in particular: Physician employees and leaders in management and sales up to top management.