The Unic approach

Únic means ‘unique’ in the Catalan language. With all our fundamental inclination towards modesty, we firmly believe that we are unique in the field of executive search in healthcare. Unique is our healthcare expertise, unique is our approach.

What makes Unic unique

Our background

The founder of Unic, Stephan Judick – more information about him here, – has almost 40 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry, including many years as sole director and board spokesman of large hospitals. Such a background in the field of medical search in Germany is indeed – unique.

What is not unique, but rather peculiar, is the discrepancy that can be observed between the requirements of candidate searches in the healthcare sector and common practice:

While the search for personnel in the healthcare sector is becoming increasingly complex against the backdrop of increasing competitive intensity, the shortage of qualified executives and comprehensive requirement profiles, in practice many appointments continue to follow the same pattern: specialty, function, finished.

Holistic approach

Our Credo

Our credo is: In a challenging environment such as the healthcare sector, only the combination of genuine industry knowledge, i.e. knowledge and expertise from our own experience, deep social competence and individually designed processes can ensure quality in the search for executives.

Only a holistic approach can reflect the increased complexity: Factors such as team fit, social competence, empathy, development potential, corporate culture and the interests of relevant stakeholders (including committees, cooperating actors such as practicing physicians or health insurance companies) are natural categories in our search process. Human concerns, the resource factor and the management perspective are bundled into a unified, harmonious process.

Our value proposition

Processes and projects are managed by teams that are put together to fit the client’s search assignment exactly. At the same time, there is one constant you can always rely on: Founder and Managing Director Stephan Judick personally interviews each candidate throughout this process.

His expertise and reputation ensure that leaders in the healthcare industry feel they are being met at eye level and, by approaching them in the right way, open themselves up to a new possible career move. With Stephan Judick, his team and the unique Unic process, we attract the best candidates in the healthcare industry for you. That is our performance promise.