The proven Unic process:
Every step with purpose and expertise.
Per direct approach, candidate pool, and our extensive network - nationally and internationally - we identify candidates who match the defined profile.
In-depth interviews are the be-all and end-all of any search. Those who make it into our initial shortlist are thoroughly screened for her/his suitability. We also look very closely at soft skills, i.e. all those character traits and abilities that have to do with the applicant's personality beyond professional competence. Communicative and team-oriented employees are more important today than ever before. A professional luminary with low social skills will have a hard time in a management function in everyday working life. Our analyses show exactly to what extent the candidate has communication skills, helpfulness, empathy, loyalty or the willingness to work in a team. For this we use special validated test procedures and appropriate interviews.
We take our customers along for the ride. We discuss the status quo of the search process with our clients in regular jour fixes.
We first present suitable candidates in the form of detailed exposés. We analyze the different suitability categories and draw a precise overall picture. We are happy to provide our customers with an individually prepared data-compliant reporting (shortlist / longlist) after consultation.
If requested, we can also conduct an assessment center. If this is desired by the customer, Stephan Judick personally presents the candidate on site.
Unic stands for sustainable staffing, therefore a backfill guarantee in the event of early contract termination is a matter of course for us.
To support a good start, we offer our proven onboarding program. We guide clients and candidates throughout the probationary period to orchestrate expectation management and communication processes so that the entry into the new role is a complete success.
Healthcare RPO©: When an HR department is too small or recruitment needs are too great, we provide support throughout the recruitment process. The quality of the applicant selection increases, the response times in the applicant process decrease. We stay on board – virtually as part of your company – until the HR department can work autonomously again.